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Possibilities NI provides high quality training, mentoring and consultancy services to companies and individuals in Northern Ireland and throughout

Europe. We are here to help unlock the potential of people and companies and help them to see the possibilities that are out there for them. To visit the Possibilities NI website, please click on the icon below.

What is a Social Enterprise?
Possibilities NI is a social enterprise which has been set up to generate income for Gingerbread in the future. A social enterprise is a trading company, often established by a charity, which is designed to be profit making but not profit taking. In other words, it operates in exactly the same way as a normal private company, but crucially all of the money it makes goes to support social causes. In our case, the money we make will support Gingerbread’s work with one parent families.
Why has Gingerbread Set Up Possibilities NI?
Like many charities we often find it difficult to raise the funds that we need to carry out the important work that needs to be done. Offering services in training and consultancy has allows us to use existing skills within our organisation to generate vital income we need to provide services for lone parents in the future.
Bespoke Training
Possibilities offers training, mentoring and consultancy services. Our return to work training supports anyone who needs a bit of help to get back into the workplace, with a special emphasis on the needs of lone parents. Our Coaching and mentoring training helps staff in companies to become effective mentors.
We also work with organisations throughout Europe who support those at most disadvantage in society. Our collaborations produce exciting and innovative partnerships and projects. To read more about our international projects, please click here.
The Empower Project is one example of how we have used partnerships in NI and across Europe to create a bespoke training course for lone parents.


The Empower Training Resource Pack promotes gender equality awareness for individuals, organisations and communities. It is part-financed by the European Social Fund under the EQUAL Community Initiative Programme.
To access this resource please click on the cover.
Companies We have Worked With


• Community Change

• Strabane Community Work Provision

• Deering Training

• Ortus Training

• People First


• Transition Training

• North City Training

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